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How to Prepare a Beautiful Sand Ceremony on Your Wedding Day

Unity sand ceremony has come a long way. The people who originally lived in America used this culture in their marriage ceremonies. It has now become very popular with couples as it adds glamour as the occasion becomes unique.

Unity sand ceremony happens in a marriage ceremony. It has replaced the candle ceremony. It is better in an outdoor setting than lighting candles as it cannot be affected by breeze. It can be done from whichever place people choose. It involves filling a large vessel with sand that has different colors.

The ceremony is an illustration of unity that is attained when the bride and the groom marries. The sand particles should match the overall theme of the wedding. There are people who wish to combine the ceremony with marriage vows while others do it differently. There are couple who involve children and parents in this tradition which makes it more glamorous.

People are looking for ways to make their occasion exception and elegant without using a lot of money. There are different ways of doing it which depend on the choice of the bride and groom. Most couples have this ceremony for the keepsake.

A unity sand ceremony clearly demonstrates the resolve of couple to remain united in their marriage life. The sand is made of two colors for each of the couple. They pour small quantities of sand in intervals. The bride and groom usually end this ritual by holding the small vessels together and pour the contents in the large contents which demonstrates dedication and unity of purpose. This can happen as they exchange vows. In case the couple has children, they pour sand to show the total unity of the entire family. Some people also involve parents as a way of honoring the family roots. The couple needs to agree how much sand will be poured. You can pour depending on whether the vase is big or small.

Some issues must be taken into account. You have to select a suitable vase. You will need an attractive container which you will see every day as a reminder. You should have a well-shaped vessel. Use colors that can blend beautifully. You must choose a color that blends with your home.
There is a lot of meaning to the vows exchanged during this ritual. The sand ceremony vows are just an extension of the main marriage vows. The words should be carefully selected as they stick in the mind. There are sand ceremony writings which give hints on the way in which you can use emotive words that can be remembered many years after the wedding.

Having the right colors, vases and vows can assure you of a special moment. Ask for details from people who have done their wedding in this style.

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