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Why In-Home Senior Care?

Indeed, there can be “no place like home.” It’s challenging to think about healing or feeling good when schedules are being forced on you, dealing with strangers is an everyday thing , and quick turnover of neighbors is the norm. Or where pets and visitors are counted – never mind the forever glare of fluorescent lights. But truth is, that is the very situation when elderly people are moved from their homes to nursing homes because they need “better care.” The deeper question is none other than, “better for whom?”

The following are the concrete benefits that come with in-home senior care, FOR the senior:

Keeping the Family Tight

Usually, moving a geriatric to a care facility leads to the division of families. It could demand a move out-of-town, a husband or wife staying behind, saying goodbye to beloved four-legged companions, etc.

Based on research, the need to connect with family and loved ones is directly proportional to the amount of care needed by the senior. Home care, with the help of licensed, compassionate home care providers, will enable families to remain together and engaged.

Maintaining Autonomy and Self-Worth

Leaving the home dear to them, being forced to fit their possessions in a tiny room, and having to turn over control over every decisions usually causes seniors to slip into depression, believing they are no longer needed or wanted, or that they just don’t fit in anymore. Based on a lot of studies, seniors would usually rather age-in-place, and, when given such an option, rarely become lonely or depressed. When elderly people age in place with the help of professional caregivers, they tend to become more physically and mentally fit.

Cheaper Cost

In lots of cases, home care services only cost about 50% of what it would take to move a senior to an assisted living or nursing home facility. This is because payment is only made for services that are actually required, and simply because no one has to foot the costs required to run an entire assisted live-in care institution.

Every month, a home health provider is only paid around $3,000 plus – clearly less expensive than the typical $5000 plus monthly bill at nursing care facilities. Definitely, it is outright wrong to pick home senior care for the cost factor alone, but for those who want a wiser options, this is clearly one.

Then again, it’s obvious that home senior care providers come in all shapes and sizes. Hence, it is important to do some research and compare various options before deciding which one is best.

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